Frequently Asked Questions

As a club member, you have unlimited access to our boats, however you may only hold 3 reservations on our books at any one time (4 as a Premier member). Once you have used a reservation, you may re-schedule. Generally, the boats are available during the week with just a few days notice.

No. Your membership is an ongoing agreement, which may be canceled with 60 days written notice. If you would prefer to pre-pay for 12 months, you may do that and save up to $589.00, depending on the plan you choose.

The only additional fee’s are for the amount of fuel you use and/or any damage caused to vessel by the operator and/or their guests.

Currently, Florida law does not require anyone over the age of 20 to hold a license, however, we recommend that all members complete the safe boating information and receive a safe boating card. Should the laws change, you would be grand-fathered in and would not need to get a license.

No. All members receive an on-the water orientation before you take out a boat, and we will be happy to provide you with instruction should you need it. We want you to be safe on the water!

We are closed on Mondays, so we do not send boats out. Boats are not sent out if there is a Small Craft Advisory, or if the weather is threatening. In addition we are also closed on X-mas Eve and New Years Eve. We are open Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor Day as long as it doesn’t fall on a Monday.

Yes, you may bring however many passengers the boat you have scheduled is rated for. Our large deck boat will accommodate up to 12 passengers, most boats are rated for 6-8 passengers.

Yes, you may list 2 members per membership, either one of the members may take a boat out; although you may not both take one at the same time.

We require that you stay within cell phone range, so that you can contact us if you have a problem. This would include help should you run out of gas, have mechanical problems or run aground. You are not required to have Sea Tow. If a problem arises we will personally be out to assist you as soon as possible.

8am-5pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

We realize that even the best-laid plans are subject to change; therefore we only ask that you give us as much notice as possible. There is no penalty or charge if you need to cancel or change a reservation.

Absolutely! We have several great boats for cruising, and you can fish on most of our vessels.

We carry liability insurance, which covers all members. You are responsible for any damage you incur to a vessel, up to our deductible, just as if you owned a boat.

Most of our club members have previously owned boats and find this is a much better option. The average 20′ boat will cost at least $200.00 per month for storage. Add to that a boat payment, insurance, and maintenance – boat ownership can easily cost over $600 per month. Then you get to do all the cleanup and maintenance, too. If you have never owned a boat before, the club is a great way to help you see what kind of boat you’d really like, and how often you will really use it.

If you rent a boat from us, you have one week to join the club, and one-half of your rental fee will be deducted from the initiation fee.

If you have a business that you would like to advertise in our newsletter, there is no additional cost to do so. Members who choose to advertise will receive a monthly bill for advertising, which may be eligible for a tax deduction.

We strive to be the best boat club in the area. We are proud of the services we have to offer. We believe we provide a great service at a very reasonable price. The boat club is family owned and operated and we are here to help you have a safe and fun experience.

The necessary paperwork to become a member of our Boat Club can be completed in person or if you contact our office you can do it via phone or email. Once your paperwork is completed you can begin to make your reservations immediately.