We offer both a membership club and daily rentals.

Membership in the boat club is available for just $199 per month. We do all the work, you just enjoy the boats. Your only other charge is for the gas.

An Initiation fee of $600.00 plus first month’s payment (prorated based on remainder of the month) gets you on our reservations book immediately! There is no set term to your membership agreement; membership is cancellable with 60 days written notice. If you prefer to pre-pay for one year of membership, the investment is just $2499.00, and you will save $489.00.

Membership may include one member and one co-member, either of whom may take a boat out without the other being present. However you may not both take a boat out at the same time.

Members and co-members may have a total of 3 reservations on the books at any time. These are half-day reservations for either morning or afternoon. A full-day will be counted as 2 reservations.

We offer an online reservation system for members. This allows you 24-hour access to make reservations, change a reservation, or check availability, and includes e-mail confirmation of all reservations and changes.

For our most avid boaters who just need a little more time on the water, we also offer a Premier Membership for $249.00 per month, or a pre-payment of $2999.00 for a full year (a savings of $589). Premier Members enjoy all the benefits of our Full-Time Program, but are allowed up to four reservations scheduled at one time.

For the inexperienced boater we offer general instruction at no additional charge in order to make your boating both safe and fun.

We invite you to come visit us here at the marina. We’d be happy to show you our boats, show you around, and help you choose how you’d like to spend your time on the water.

If you would like more info about joining us here at Coastal Boat Club or have any other questions about our services and what we have to offer, please submit the form below and one of our staff members will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours!

If you have some free time and would like to speak to us directly we would love to hear from you! You can reach us at 727-900-8327

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